Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jerusalem on the hill


Day after day now of cold and gray, gray and cold.
Here's the view from my house: just across the valley is the western edge of Jerusalem.
The religious neighborhood is called Har Nof, meaning "mountain with a view." Well sure!--They have a view of US.
That dense property development over there is way too dense for me.
But at least some of that community's 20,000 residents can look out over the Jerusalem Forest.
The forest, planted in the 1950s as the green lung of the capital, today spreads over 1200 dunams (300 acres).

In the right foreground of the photo stands the Ein Kerem campus of Hadassah Hospital.
I love looking out my window and having Yerushalayim right there!
My dream come true.

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Mariusz from Nowy Sacz said...

Although little can be seen in the picture, to feel the magic of the place.