Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just kidding

It's kidding season! Today I had the good fortune of passing the neighbors' cheese dairy and goat farm right after a doe had dropped twins.

With bedtime nearing, I remember what Rabbi Yosef, head of Pumbedita Academy in Babylon in the early 4th century, said in the Talmud tractate Berakhot 57a: "He who dreams of a goat, his year will be blessed; he who dreams about goats, his years shall be blessed, as it is written (Proverbs 27:27): 'The goats' milk will suffice for your food.'"

May we all have such sweet dreams.
BTW, this quotation is excerpted from a wonderful book, Desert and Shepherd in Our Biblical Heritage by Nogah Hareuveni of Neot Kedumin-The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel.


kay in hawaii said...

This is so wonderful, Dina.

Rev Buck said...

Hey Dina,
Looks great. They are lambing at the ranch pretty soon. We are working on coming this summer!