Monday, February 25, 2008

New chair


Here it is, the chair of my dreams!
First used one of these ergonomic invented-in-Norway chairs while living as a volunteer at Heifer Ranch in Arkansas.
(YOU can volunteer there too. See .)
But try to find a kneeling chair in Israel. Not easy. No one ever even heard of them.
Found on the Internet one business that sells the real Scandinavian ones but who can afford 1900 shekels?
And then yesterday there miraculously appeared a post on with a used kneeler for sale in Jerusalem! I went to the lady's apartment, plopped down just NIS 250 ($69) without even bargaining, and shlepped the thing home on two buses.
It's so exciting! Haven't bought myself furniture since 1969.
Jango is the Jerusalem Anglo Community Protexia website. It says:

"Janglo was started in June 2001 as a free community service to help people in the Jerusalem area exchange information about 'stuff,' like jobs, apartments, events, and sales. About a year later, we launched a similar site, Taanglo, for the Tel Aviv area. Both email lists quickly took off and became some of the most popular sites for English-speakers in Israel. . . ."
It's great. I love how people come together as part of an online community, helping each other with information and advice. Sort of a smaller version of the greater phenomenon of all of us in Israel feeling like family.

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kay in hawaii said...

What fun, Dina. I'm so thrilled for you. I love getting new furniture, too. I do remember sitting on one of those chairs a long time ago and thinking it felt a whole lot better than I thought it would.