Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ahalan wasahalan--welcome!

The several generations of women who graciously welcomed me into their house in Darajat.
Dahab, Amina, Zohara, Aisha, and Nahed fed and watered me, took care of my every need and then some, and patiently helped me try to understand and speak Arabic.
In the top picture are the two wives of the father of the present-day village leader and school principal, Ishak Abu Chamad. They proudly show the photo of the original founding father. The whole village and family started with him some 150 years ago when he left the South Hebron Hills and came further south to the Negev.


Musings said...

How wonderful, Dina! I love to hear how people from different cultures can come together and find the goodness in each other.

Michelle said...

Thanks so much Dina..this is amazing as Musings said..

USelaine said...

Wonderful to see people connecting with such grace - hosts, guests, students, teachers.