Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Be prepared

The air raid siren wailed today for a very long minute and a half. Bloodcurdling. I hate it.
It stirs up the worst memories.
We are in day three of a five-day national exercise to practice responding to emergency scenarios. During the Second Lebanon War in 2006 we suddenly learned that the civilian population in what used to be the hinterland had become the frontline. So now we have a newly formed Home Front Command.
When the alarm sounded this morning school kids had to go quickly to their shelters or get under their desks.
The picture shows the old bomb shelter dug into the hill across the street from my house.


Chrisss said...

Pretty scary...glad it's just a drill.

babooshka said...

No wonder it's a scary sound. Another valuable photo, showing the side of a place that guide books fail to mention.

Musings said...

This is so scary to think about. I know you've told me that it's quite safe where you are but still....