Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Denmark Square

The sculpture in Denmark Square in Jerusalem. A little boat carrying rescuers and the rescued.

The signs are in Danish, Swedish, Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Every time I pass I read one, and always some tears come, and I say thanks to the brave Danes and Swedes. Their actions then give hope today and faith in humanity.

Fast forward 1943 to 2008. A pizza place with a Hebrew sign, a boulevard called Herzl, and two girl soldiers of the Israel Defence Force. We made it home, with a little help from our friends.


Musings said...

What a very beautiful feeling to know there are incredibly courageous and just people in the world who are willing to help others who are oppressed.

Chrisss said...

Great history lesson. Thank God for people who stood against injustice, even when it cost them their lives.

Suzanne said...

I learned about the Danes a few years ago. Remarkable people and story. If only the world could emulate the human decency of these people.

Where is J'lem is the monument?

Dina said...

Amen to all what you three have added. The boat is in Bet Hakerem, on Sderot Herzl. Created by an artist of Kibbutz Hazorea, where I lived and did ulpan for my first 7 months. Sorry I don't know her name.

babooshka said...

I have learned a lot reading your posts about apart of the world I know lrrs about than I would like.

Thnak you for visiting my daily photo.Those arches I photographed aren't ruins, just excavated land underneath a wood taht lead from the main road to the beach,next to the stream.Th entrance was made into arhces rather than one big open space.

We do hve ruins which I shall photograph and upload

Shalom, from a very small island.

Dina said...

Babooshka, I have a lot to learn about your Isle of Man. About all I know is that maybe the Manx cat came from there. That would be cool if you post some ruins. Thanks!

JM said...

This is great and I really like the boat sculpture very much.