Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Western Wall cleaning

Only ten days until Passover. Everyone is in a housecleaning frenzy.
Yesterday even the Western Wall was lovingly cleaned.
Two people were lifted up in a cherrypicker in order to reach the higher courses of stones.

The thousands of little notes of petition and thanks to God were taken out to make room for new ones. Would you folks outside of the Holy City also like to write a petek, via e-mail, and have someone print it and stick it into the Kotel, the Western Wall, for you?
It is possible via e-mail at

If, as I've heard Christians say, God answers knee-mail, I don't see why he wouldn't also answer e-mail, do you?


  1. I have often wondered what happens to these petitions. I didn't know someone actually removed them. What do they do with them?

    Count me as one of the many who pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


  2. I had my friend place a note in the wall for me last year, when they visited Israel.

  3. Again amazing photo, any very informative.

  4. Reading about y'all's spiritual connection to Jerusalem and the Kotel makes me happy.
    Dan, thanks for praying for the peace of Jerusalem. I found this answer written by a rabbi for you: "Because of the great volume, every so often, all the notes are removed from the Wall and buried, along with other holy objects that are not being used anymore."
    No humans read the personal messages.

  5. Thanks Dina for your visit, I appreciate that. "God answers kneemail"! I like that!! He answers e-mail as well!
    That's a beautiful idea that the notes and letters in the Wall are going to be buried. When my husband died we gave him sheets with hymns and prayers in his coffin, for he always saved them after special services in church.

  6. That is so touching, Reader Wil.
    I do appreciate your sharing this.


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