Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a hop, skip, and a jump

Quantas, "The spirit of Australia," it said on my plane. Just yesterday I saw downtown Sydney looming just beyond the terminal window, and these two kangaroos were about to jump over her.
Farewell, dear Australia, full of spirit.
This afternoon, after more than thirty hours in two airplanes, I saw the shores of Israel again and Tel Aviv with her skyscrapers. The captain had just announced "We have been informed that it is forbidden to photograph Israel from the air." What's with that?!
It was hazy and a warm 23 degrees. On the road back to my village in the Jerusalem Hills all the almond trees are now white with flowers. How exciting!
How good it is to come back home.


jordaenne said...


Well here we are again in the beautiful hills of the holy land.

I love the kangaroo on the tail of the plane. How sweet.

Ah Australia is your beautiful second home.

love and light

Reader Wil said...

Welcome home dear Dina. Sad to leave isn't it? I always cry when I have to take leave of my daughter and her family. But I am also glad to come home again. So I hope you are also happy and go taking photos of your beloved Jerusalem.

Catherine said...

I'm happy you took that picture before the interdiction.
Pleased to know you're back in Israel, Dina.

CathM said...

Great to have you back! So, how did you get such a great photo?

Fida said...

Welcome home! Ah those flowering almond trees! Memories flash in my head! (I push that announcment acide, I know).

Suzanne said...

Although I loved seeing Australia through your eyes and heart, I'm so happy you are home. Looking forward to catching up.

Petrea said...

Australia's loss is Israel's gain. The hills will be glad to have you home.

Ann said...

Glad you are home safely, was good to meet you.

Meead S. said...

Welcome back home Dina. Shalom!

bennie and patsy said...

So glad you had a good hop, skip, and jump back.

Cloudia said...

I cry flying home to Honolulu after 10 days away.
Landing in Jerusalem is something I imagine doing with increduble emotion. someday!
Welcome home, dear Friend. Shalom & Aloha

Mediterranean kiwi said...

i would feel like you dina - welcome back home!

when i spent two months in nz in 2004 (after being away form the country for ten years), i was looking forward to the day i would be going back to greece from the moment i arrived - i dont know why, i know i wanted to do and see things in nz, but i still wanted to go back home, speaking of which, home had become a different place for me from the time i was living in nz

what a terrible situation with the fires in australia - as long as it is only property (things) and not life. like nz, australia is one of those places that has not known hardship and threats, it has a privileged lifestyle, and it is one of the few times it is going through a period of helplessness. i only realised this when i first came out to greece of course, after having lived so 'well' back home, which isnt my home now, to confuse matters...

anyway, it's good to have you back!

Indrani said...

Nice to have you back Dina,and initially you will miss them a LOT, it will take some time to get over... parting is always painful!

Dick said...

Welcome home, I'm glad you can look back to a wonderful time.