Sunday, February 15, 2009

Know hope


The main streets of Jerusalem are all torn up (see Jaffa Road here), having track laid for the new light rail.
Sometimes even part of the sidewalk gets dug up.
Today I saw these latest victims next to Safra Square.

The cast-iron pillar boxes are reminders of Israel's British Mandate past.
There are quite a few still in service in Jerusalem.
These two uprooted mailboxes let me notice for the first time what is written on the bottom:

McDowall, Steven & Co. Ltd.
London and Falkirk

I see from the Web that this was a firm of Glasgow-based iron founders.
The company's roots extend back to the early 19th century.

Oh, and can you see the nice graffiti next to the heart? -- KNOW HOPE


Kay said...

Too bad that you're losing two of those antiques. They're really pushing rail over here, too but there's a lot of people opposed to it because of the expense and upheaval. But then again... you should see our rush hour traffic! Crazy!

spacedlaw said...

I like that graffito. Are they going to put the mail boxes back up or will they be changed for more national products?

Gretchen said...

Interesting! I would never have known they were mail boxes. When we were in Canada a few years ago, we looked all over for a mailbox to send postcards and finally had to ask a police officer. They looked so different from what we have here in the USA. Something so common is so different from country to country.

Reader Wil said...

What's going to happen with these antiquities? Our street is going to be dug open, because the whole sewer system is going to be renewed. Even our frontgarden will be uprooted, hopefully not too badly, for not so long ago my garden was newly designed.

jordaenne said...

Dina thanks for the reminder. We had mailboxes here in Canada like that, yes now I remember but they were rectangular boxes.
But now our mail has gone light-yes light travel-I did not intend to say that but I like that thought.

have a beautiful day beautiful Dina♥!
I am having trouble drawing away from my beautiful obsession of blogging. IT must be my rosecoloured in box that is tempting me.

Petrea said...

I'd love to have a mailbox like that to decorate my garden. I hope they're thought of as Kay referred to them: antiquities.