Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flying-foxes and falling dragon's blood

I met some strange trees today on my solo stroll in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens.

To see why the Dragon's Blood fell over, you can click on the sign.

Beautiful contours.

The trees in the Palm Grove are full of upside down Flying-fox bats.
 Depending on time of year and food availability in the area, the colony size varies from 1,000 to 8,000 bats!
Their wingspan is up to 1.5 meters.
More bloggers' animal shot can be found today over at Camera-Critters.


Catherine said...

I prefer to watch them hanging up at the tress than flying above your head with their 1,5m black wings. Matter of habit, I guess.

Frauen zeichen said...

I adore your blog and especialy the amazing fotos! thank you so much
ang many greetings from vienna
bright blessings

richies said...

What an interesting tree, name and all.

An Arkie's Musings

GMG said...

Hi Dina! Great to see your Sydney pictures!! Wonderful city, wonderful artist!!
Long time no see you at Blogtrotter! New Delhi waits your comments… ;)
Have a great week!

Ann said...

Don't recall seeing that Dragon's Blood, must keep my eyes open for it.

jordaenne said...

Hi Beautiful Dina.

Wonderful to see you having such an awesome time with your familly.

I miss my Jerusalem blog but as usual your treating us with your gorgeous photography and fine sense of history.

I love the way the roots on this tree are contourted over the earth's surface as if in an effort to disallow its solidarity with the earth. --I can't believe I said that -well you know you have to try to think of something original to say ha ha.

On your previous post-that seems like a beautiful sea journey with your grandson.

thanks again for your insightful vision.
beautiful continuation......

Shimmy Mom said...

Nature can be so beautifully crazy can't it. Those are some wonderful pictures.

spacedlaw said...

Cool! I love bats.
Those trees look amazing too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dina, I'm with Mrs. Hubbard now. She says Hi!

Dick said...

Informative post, I hope the tree will survive.

mommanator said...

I love looking at old trees like this. I will ahve to post a pic of one near my home! always reminds me of the tree of life!

Petrea said...

I like the bats! Actually, I like it all. Looks like you had an interesting walk.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Grat photos of some very interesting trees.

J Bar said...

Thanks for leading me over to this post, Dina. I'm interesed to see that you covered this incident on your blog, way before I did it on my blog this week. :)