Friday, February 13, 2009

Kosher field cutlery

"Jewish Tactical -- Kosher field cutlery." That's what the package said, honest.
At Jerusalem's huge open-air fruit and vegetable market there are several Judaica stores as well. Yesterday I was somehow surprised to see these multi-purpose milk and meat cutlery sets on sale next to the mezuzot.
Each one has a fold-out fork, spoon, knife blade, and can and bottle opener.
The red one is for meat dishes only. The blue one is labeled MILK and is for dairy food.
Jews who observe the kosher laws never mix meat and dairy food in the same meal. Dishes and utensils also must be kept separate, one set for meat and one set for dairy.


bennie and patsy said...

How neat ,they thank of every thing you would need.

jordaenne said...

WEll that is a beautiful way to exalt your dining with kosher and blending this with your religion.Then eating becomes a sacred act which it should be because it keeps us alive.(well supposedly as I reach for the chip dip ha ha.)

Petrea said...

I once dated a guy whose roommate kept Kosher. I was so ignorant about it back then I didn't know which glass to use to get myself a glass of water in the kitchen!

Cloudia said...

The perfect gift for Aunty! Wouldn't you know it, 30 years too late . . . . Aloha-

Reader Wil said...

I like the idea that he calf cannot be cooked in the milk of his mother. If some-one wants to be kosher, he or she needs two sets of crockery and cutlery and may be two kitchens? Well thank you for your visits, Dina and comments. The poem in the SW post wasn't mine and the Valentine story wasn't mine either. I used to write stories when I was young, but Google is easier when I am in a hurry.

Hilda said...

Oh my, that sounds so complicated. I am learning so much from your blog. Thank you, Dina.

Pietro said...

Dina, they look like the Swiss knives which have everything in them, even the centimetre-measure!
I've been glad to read your very fine comment!

GMG said...

Hi Dina!
Great to see you back, though Sydney is also a lovely city (for me, one of the two most beautiful in the world...;))
Now that I'm reading the last Roth book, where the father of the main character is a kosher butcher, I learn some more on the issue. Always learning!!

Loved to see you in-flight pictures! Have a great week!!

Kay said...

Very interesting. You have to have a lot of space in your kitchen for the separate things, don't you?

Thomas C B Chua said...

Dina, thanks for sharing...but.... they all nevertheless get totally mixed in the stomach..