Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bar-Kochba coins, right over the ridge!!

When you hike up the mountain, this is what you see--my village.

But if you make a half-turn and look down, you will see the village of Beitar.
And today the great news just broke that in a cave in the Jerusalem Hills (aka Judean Hills) near Betar a big hoard of coins was discovered by Bar-Ilan and Hebrew University researchers.
Bar-Kochba coins!!!! In gold, silver, and bronze!!
Some of the Roman coins were overstruck by the Jewish fighters with "for the freedom of Jerusalem."
Beitar was the place of the Jewish rebels' last stand in their rebellion against Roman rule in 132-135 C.E. (A.D.)
You must see the wonderful photos and the news posted by Avi Joseph at G News.
This is so exciting, so touching! Bar-Kochba himself was so near to where I now live, almost 19 centuries later.
And there's gold in them thar hills.
Yalla, I feel like going for a hike, trowel and small pick in hand! Bye.
UPDATE: The GNews Editorial Team has just now kindly given permission to share the photos they posted. "Images were sourced from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and are owned by the Israeli government."

The last photo is borrowed from an Arutz 7 article (and video) which calls it
"Explorer B. Langford climbing in the cave. (Israel news photo: B. Zissu) ."
They are brave cave researchers!
A good article with more facts and good historical background just appeared in the Jerusalem Post.


Sara said...

Fascinating! I love these kinds of stories and I read the article at the link too. Yes, I'd be tempted to go exploring as well! Not for the monetary value, but to hold something so historical in my own hand...and wonder about the last person to touch it, all those centuries ago.

jeannette stgermain said...

What an amazing discovery! Hope you go Dina, but be careful!

Reader Wil said...

Fantastic! That's something any archeologist will dream of! Coins in such great condition! To see that the past is still present and to know that these coins were really used by people who lived almost two thousand years ago.

Dimple said...

There is so much history in Israel. Thanks for enlightening me about another piece of it.

Petrea said...

Fantastic! Sara said it well. Such a feeling.

mirae said...

Beautiful village that you live in Dina, so peaceful looking the kind of place that would lead you to prayer and meditation well sometimes.

What an awesome discovery to be able to touch those coins and 19 centuries of history.


Maggie Ann said...

That is amazing! I must show my husband your post.

Cloudia said...

I love uried btreasure and history and your village! How exciting, Dina!


Comfort Spiral

Kay said...

Whoaaaa... That is too cool...
Maybe we will come and visit you, picks and trowels in hand.

Anonymous said...

this is great!!!!

Pietro said...

Dina, I'm never tired to see your very lovely village!
That discovery is so interesting and thrilling!! I think if you go there to explore you'll certainly publish another post on the subject.

Paula said...

How exciting.

Hilda said...

Wow, what an fantastic discovery! The coins are amazing. Congratulations to the cave researchers.

B SQUARED said...

Fascinating stuff!

FA said...

Fascinating! I am never disappointed when I visit your blog, Dina. As interesting this discovery is for your readers/friends, how much more so for you. Go - dig - enjoy!

Barbara Martin said...

A truly awesome find, Dina! How wonderful the location is very close to where you live. I find it interesting when something like this is discovered and what good condition the artifiacts are in. Also interesting to note at the depth to which these items were found. Thanks for posting this.