Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mazal-tov to Spacedlaw

Sage burning in a friend's lair
(Easier to see the wafting smoke if you click on the photos)
I was reminded of these photographs by the good news just announced by my favorite poet-on-the-Web. Congratulations, Spacedlaw (Nathalie), on TWO of your poems being nominated for Best of the Net 2009. "The Sage's Secret" is beautiful [and was also nominated for the Pushcart Prize]!
Nathalie's short posts are a daily joy for me. You too can sample her blogs,
"A TITLE? What's in a title? I was never told there should be a TITLE!"
"Word of the day! Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!".


spacedlaw said...

Lovely pictures! Many thanks for the shout out, Dina.

mirae said...

This is an award winning photo Dina-the meditation from the darkness of the soul -the overwhelming struggle in the reverential light.well that's my interpretation.

Ill have to check out your friend's verse.

Thanks again for that spell binding post on yom kippur. It is really amazing and beautiful to me that a city can be grasped by religious ceremony in this way!I have been talking about this outside of blogger.

love and light

Kay said...

That first photo is absolutely breathtaking! I can see where Edo gets his talent from.

Leif Hagen said...

Artsy, artsy and peaceful and relaxing!

I'm looking forward to your THEME day photo ...

Cloudia said...

What an atmosphere, Dina.

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Anonymous said...

those candles and lighting makes great atmosphere