Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Angels we have heard on high . . . "

Walking past the YMCA last Sunday morning I was delightfully surprised to hear the bells begin ringing.

The bells were playing Christmas carols!

Yes, there is a Young Men's Christian Association in the heart of Jewish Jerusalem!
In the new city, across the street from the King David Hotel.

The neo-Byzantine-style complex was designed by Arthur Loomis Harmon, architect of the Empire State Building.
More facts about the Y are in a previous post.

British General Edmund Lord Allenby dedicated the building in 1933, and some visionary words from his speech appear above the bench. Click the photo to enlarge.
I love the fact that Jerusalem is rich with different faiths and that no one has a problem if Christmas carols are in the air that we all breathe.


Dimple said...

I also am glad no one has a problem with the carols being played in the air you all breathe.

Rob and Mandy said...

The YMCA! How nice! I used to get my mail there, poste restante, and then read it in their cafe, with a tea and some scones. Lovely place, lovely people.

bennie and patsy said...

I am glad to because here in USA some schools are not going to have the word Christmas spoken. It is void

Louis la Vache said...

Wait 'til the ACLU hears about this outrage! Playing CHRISTmas carols!

Hilda said...

Beautiful! And I don't mean just the bell tower. I wish all places were like that.

Kay said...

This is so refreshing, Dina. By the way, I have a tree ornament from Israel on my tree. I'll bet it was from you.

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

As Thanksgiving approaches, I've been practicing my xmas caroles on the piano for our post-dinner celebration on Thursday...I'm a sucker for caroles. :)

FA said...

I love that they play Christmas carols. However, it seems awfully early. But, then again, we try not to even think about Christmas until December 21 or so. Advent is an important preparation....and, anyway, we have the Christmas season well into January.