Monday, May 31, 2010

Do not take your cloths off and walk naked in public!


It is a sad day in Israel and no one feels like laughing.

But City Daily Photo bloggers are asked to contribute a funny sign for our monthly Theme Day, so here is one from a monastery in the Jerusalem area. I whited out its name to protect the innocent. The sign was intended to be very serious.
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tapirgal said...

Darn. Someone wants to spoil all the fun. That is just what you would plan to do on a visit to the convent, right? Great capture. Thanks for posting in spite of the day's events.

Robin said...

Such a terrible day. Thanks for putting a small smile on it despite everything.

VP said...

Thanks for this funny pearl, Dina.

I hope there are still a few people of good will that can discern the truth from the lies and the propaganda in the news of these days.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

I think it is a great sign, printed in all seriousness and holiness.

Melbourne Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

What an interesting "mean to measure life and time".

daily athens

crederae said...
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Nathalie said...

Very funny indeed Dina, even though I'm sure it wasn't meant to be.

Yes it's a sad day for Israel.
What a mess...

Petrea Burchard said...

If you can't walk around naked at the convent, why even visit?

Love and peace to all.

Ann said...

What sort of people does that convent attract?!

Ann said...

Some silly people led to this sign. If people had respect, there won't be a need.

Mary Ann said...

Oh dear. Is public nudity really an issue these sisters have had to deal with?

Louis la Vache said...

Follow the rules!
And «Louis» was planning to 'streak' the convent!

* * * *

It is indeed a sad day for Israel. This was a set-up, and it seems the government was naïve by not better anticipating that not only was it a set-up, but that Israel's enemies would be aided by the media. Israel didn't control the narrative and was hurt as a result.

annemarie said...

Dear Dina,
It is obvious the flotilla was a trap,a provocation. The IDF did no wrong. Videos on Arutz Sheva show what happened very clearly.

Be of good courage, remember Gideon,Judges 6:34.

If the arabs do use this as an excuse to attack, Israel will be victorious Psalm 83.

Isaiah 17 1-3 says Damascus will be a ruinous heap.

Not everyone believes the main stream media and not everyone is anti-israel.

Millions around the world love Israel,support Israel and pray for Israel.

Most important of all Hashem is with Israel.

With love Aussie Lady

Spiderdama said...

I am so sorry for this conflict .. and I hope the media and our government can see the issue from the other side too..
Great post!
Wish you the best and a blessed day, hugs from Tania

Reader Wil said...

What kind of people were expected? It's like one of the old rules and laws I once read and which were extremely funny.
Thanks for this sign and make us smile in spite of the serious events of yesterday.

Suzanne said...

Yes Dina, this has been a very sad time for Israel. My thoughts are with you all during this time.

JM said...

Glad to see you posting on something funny, Dina, despite everything we know. I hope some of the comments have made you smile! :-)

Jørgen Carlsen said...

It is not easy to understand how someone get the idea to the text - maybe someone has done what now is a don't...

B SQUARED said...

A sad day but we stand with you.

Rob and Mandy said...

Well, I am too furious to comment on the events of the day, but I can promise you one thing: I wont take my clothes off and walk naked in any convent. Prefer the beach for this.

Dimple said...

Dina, I just read your comment on Visual Norway, and I want to thank you. The distortions which come across the media here in the States are almost unbelievable. I knew there was more to it, but people eat what they are fed, and most of it is junk.
May God bless and protect you.

Cloudia said...

Grateful to see that you can laugh despite the awful events and sickeningly lopsided (usual) outcry.

Aloha from Waikiki, Cousin

Comfort Spiral

RuneE said...

Dina: I appreciate your comments and also your kind reference about my integrity. However, it is also this integrity that made me write what I did. I have been very careful concerning politics in this blog, which is primarily a photoblog, but this time I felt there was a limit. The whole Palestinian-Israeli question is much to large to go into here, but my views are based on freely available information that has not been filtered (I know how to find information). Concerning the present situation I will only refer to the statement made by The Norwegian Foreign Minister Mr. Jonas Gahr Støre:

In a statement dated 31 May, the UN Security Council condemns the acts that led to the loss of civilian lives when Israeli naval forces boarded the convoy carrying humanitarian assistance to Gaza. The statement underscores the need for a prompt, impartial and credible investigation of the incident.

“The Security Council’s statement shows that the entire international community condemns the Israeli raid on the convoy carrying humanitarian assistance to Gaza. I welcome the Security Council’s demand for a transparent and impartial investigation of the Israeli military operation, which is something I also took up with the UN Secretary-General yesterday. It is in Israel’s interests to cooperate on such an investigation,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

BTW, Mr. Støre may be the most highly regarded Norwegian politician and diplomat, both nationally and internationality.
He carries much more weight than an intellectual, non-religious, pacifist and slightly left of centre Social democrat.

Dina said...

Thanks all for your comments and/or support and understanding.

In case you are wondering, RuneE from Visual Norway posted something which could not go unanswered by his Israeli blog-friend.
He is replying here in the comments to what I wrote at his blog, as follows:

Dear Rune, I wish you good health and may you always have such beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Unfortunately my fellow citizens in southern Israel have no such luxury of peace and quiet, because rockets are fired on them from the Gaza Strip.
This is why we have a maritime closure on the strip, to prevent the ruling Hamas from bringing in more rockets and even missiles and heavy weapons.
Trucks from Israel do bring food, fuel, and supplies into Gaza (after a security check) on a daily basis.

The "Freedom Flotilla" was invited to dock in our port of Ashdod and unload their 10,000 tons of cargo, mostly cement (for bunkers and smuggling tunnels?) instead of breaking the blockade. We promised to transfer it to Gaza.

They refused.

It was not a humanitarian aid convoy; it was provocation to try to break the blockade.
True, some of the folks on the five smaller ships were peace-loving but naive people who don't understand the situation and never lived under the constant threat of rockets and terrorism and kidnapping.

But the ~600 on the Mavi Marmara ship included many men full of blind hatred for Israel. They could hardly wait for the Israel Navy commandos to board their ship before they surrounded and attacked each soldier. They beat up our men with PRE-prepared clubs, iron rods, slingshots, and all kinds of things whose name I don't even know.
They stabbed one in the chest with one of many PRE-prepared knives. They threw rocks and chairs at them. One boy they threw over the deck. They grabbed pistols from the Israelis and fired.

Our crew had expected the "civil disobedience" that the "peace" activists had promised, not violence of this magnitude.
There was no choice but for us to open fire with pistols.

No one expected to, or wanted to, kill and wound anyone on the ship.
I am so sad for the violence of this day, and sad too for the death of truth in the media.

Rune, I know you are a man of integrity who seeks and appreciates the truth.
Truth has been lacking in the world media the last few days but it is now available.

I implore you to look at the videos of the attack and to see the photos of the large quantity of weapons found aboard the ship.
And then decide for yourself.

Scroll down through

The "volunteers" from the ships who agreed to disembark peacefully at Ashdod are being driven to Ben-Gurion Airport and are given a free flight back to Europe.


Dina said...

And what I replied now to Rune's comment is this:

Dear Rune, I blame no one but ourselves for the lack of timely information yesterday. By the time Israel got information on what was really happening out to the world, the world had already condemned us, based on untruths.

I wonder if your statesmen had seen any of the following before their blanket condemnation:

The terrorists (including Al Qaida mercenaries) on the ship have won their victory. The violent mob leads the world by the nose.

I welcome an investigation. But the damage to life and limb and to Truth itself has already been done.


Dina said...

On a lighter note, I should explain that the monks wrote the sign several years ago because they were offended that pilgrims who came to immerse in their little spring-fed pool sometimes undressed outside and walked naked to the little pool.
Then they realized there was nowhere to put one's clothes while immersing behind the curtain, so they built a separate dressing room from reeds nearby. And pilgrims must now use a white baptism-type garment when going to and into the pool.

And convent used to mean just monastery. In the 15th century it came to mean a monastery for women. But at least one of the very old orders of Catholic monks still uses "convent" today for their monasteries.
I have also heard that convent can refer to the central dwelling place of apostolic religious, those who go out and work in the world. And monastery would be used for the dwelling place of the more secluded, cloistered religious.

Hilda said...

I am so sorry to hear about what has happened there again. I wish media would get their facts straight before reporting untruths in such a sensationalist manner, but the quality of journalism has been on the decline for decades and I don't see it getting better in the future.

I can sympathize with the people in the convent. "Sunday Best" no longer exists in the vocabulary of our churchgoers. But at least they don't go naked. ;)

Buck said...

Thanks for posting something light hearted in this sad time. Good luck!

Kay said...

I will definitely remember the not walking naked in public part.