Thursday, May 27, 2010

Evening descends on our hill

For SkyWatch Friday, the evening shadow has creeped halfway up our little mountain and is about to envelope our village.

Soon it will be night in the Jerusalem Hills.

Families of jackals will start calling to one another across the valleys. .

On the horizon, on the higher hill, are two other moshavim / villages.
Just across that far ridge, down in the Emek Refa'im Valley, starts the West Bank.
On a quiet night when the wind is right you can just about hear the muezzin's call from the mosques of Batir village.
Bethlehem is also quite close.


VP said...

Great sight, with the proper soundtrack... I have to come back to Eretz Yisrael, sooner or later!

Robin said...

Your hill is a lovely place indeed. You're very lucky to live there.

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ρομπερτ said...

What a wonderful place to measure time, life, beauty and its content.
Please have a nice Friday.

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toby said...

Wow - that's beautiful! Israel's variety always amazes me - I probably live around half an hour away from you, and my hills look very different from those :)

Have a great weekend!

Samson said...

lovely shot, beautiful landscape

Gumbaz, Srirangapatna

Lorac said...

That's a great pic made even greater by the picture you paint with your words!

Petrea said...

Lovely. That large hill across the way looks like it has terraces of some sort. Are they new or old?

Hels said...

I am so glad you photographed the Jerusalem Hills with some greenery. Even in places with little water and rocky ground, the human eye still needs trees to fall in love with the area, I believe.

Regina said...

The hills are alive.
Great capture.
Happy weekend and SWF.

J Bar said...

Great view.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

crederae said...

bonjour beautiful Dina,

c'est une belle poste.
Quelle célébration quand on décrit notre environnement et cette description c'est comme une prière.
merci. shalom.

Ania said...

The brightness of the sun just before setting is my favorite kind of light. Funny thing is I haven't associated jackals with Israel. i thought it's just the American desert.

Arija said...

So beautiful Dina. I love the way you invoke the descent of a peaceful evening.....

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Boy did you get in on Skywatch early this week. The scene reminds me of something out of a Graham Greene novel. We can sense the imminent nightfall!


Kcalpesh said...

Villages based on hills are amazing! I had been to one such village here near Matheran.. it's always an amazing experience!!

Pixellicious Photos

Kim said...

So fun to see this pulled back shot and imagine the sounds as evening falls all around. I love the slight purple/cornflower blue hue to the sky.

Ann said...

what do jackels feed on? It looks quite green, are they from irrigation?

Kay said...

This is a beautiful photo. I can just imagine the calm and serenity of the moment.