Monday, December 26, 2011

The happy city on the sea

Hello again.
I hope you had a merry Christmas or are having a happy Chanuka.

I am just returning from four days in what seemed like another country.
Tel Aviv is SO different from Jerusalem!

For one thing, they have the Mediterranean.
Water, sand, marinas!
Enlarge the photo and you'll find surfers, even on December 24.

Together with Saturday's strong cold wind there was sunshine (enough to make Shadow Shot Sunday 2 shadows), and people were dancing!

Men and women together, dancing to music!
Definitely not what I have gotten used to in Jerusalem.

The Sabbath dancing circle is here, along the promenade, below hotel row.

I start to understand why Israelis call this fun-loving metropolis "Medinat Tel Aviv," meaning the State of Tel Aviv.
It's like a foreign country.
Like a bubble within the other, starker, reality of the rest of Israel.

(A little beach tour for Our World Tuesday.)


Robin said...

How funny Dina, I had just the same thought in Jerusalem the other day, that it really did feel like being in another country! Glad you had such fun down in my neck of the woods :).

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cieldequimper said...

Looks like you had a brilliant time! My boss was just telling me that her 6 year old daughter was having a ball in Israƫl with her Dad right now!

Dina said...

Robin, ha! I'll take the Holy City over Tel Aviv any day. I HAD to go to TA for a family bar mitsvah.

Dina said...

Ciel, it's Chanuka vacation now so I guess all the little kids are out having fun.
I didn't mean to imply in this post that I love Tel Aviv lifestyle, just that it is so different.
Our relative's bar mitsvah was brilliant in that it brought together some of our Los Angeles family and many old friends and family from all over Israel.

VP said...

If I remember well they got their own bus company, or at least they had in the 90s.

Sara said...

Our guides used to tell us that Jerusalem is the city of prayer, Tel Aviv the city of play, and Haifa the city of work.

I see similarities to Southern California in Tel Aviv, with the beaches.

Dina said...

VP, right, Tel Aviv has Dan buses and not Egged. I got on a bus Sunday and tried to use my new RavKav smart card. The driver said it was not loaded. Then I realized that what's good in Jerusalem doesn't work in Tel Aviv.

Sara, yeah, I guess that is why so many thousands of Israelis move to southern California.
And I think the generalization about the three cities is still pretty true.

Patsy said...

I want to thank you so much for your blog. Looking forward to more Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo in the new year.

Dina said...

Patsy, so sweet of you to say that.
Thanks for your encouragement.

eileeninmd said...

Happy Chanuka, thanks for sharing photos from your trip. It is nice to see people dancing and looking happy. Great shots.

anumorchy said...

And for us here in Tel Aviv area, Jerusalem is like a foreign country!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such sunny photos! And people dancing in the street is quite a sight! They almost seem to be shadow dancing! Amazing how Tel Aviv has such a different character from Jerusalem! I guess that it's a little like my Mornington Peninsula sea world atmosphere is distinctly different from urban culture Melbourne - under 100km away!

crystal said...

Interesting! In some books I've read it mentioned that Tel Aviv is where all the government buildings are too? I'd guess there aren't as many foreign enclaves i Tel Aviv as in Jerusalem? The photo of all those hotels by the beach reminds me of Hawaii :)

Dina said...

Crystal, well, the Ministry of Defense is in Tel Aviv, but the majority of government ministries are in Jerusalem.
Foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv (because the countries do not recognize Jerusalem as our capital).

The "foreign enclaves" in Tel Aviv are mostly foreign workers, asylum seekers, and illegal migrants.

Hels said...

I have lived or visited all over Israel, but there is no place like Tel Aviv.

Except for the summer humidity, which is truly impossible to survive, Tel Aviv has:
more cafe society,
more music,
more parks,
more beaches,
better food,
more fab Bauhaus architecture and
amazing museums/galleries.

Arija said...

With all the politics of the Middle East, it is so good to see people dancing out in the open and enjoying the sea. It does look like a very festive atmosphere. it feels free and careless.

Enjoy your last day of Chanuka.

Petrea Burchard said...

Hi Dina, I hope you're enjoying your Chanukah!

Pat said...

Tel Aviv does remind me of our southern California beaches--we just saw surfers there last week! It's fascinating how different the two cities are in such a relatively small country. I can't wait to visit Israel, and especially Jerusalem next year. We live in northern California which seems somewhat different from southern California where our three sons and their families live. Women are much more into glamour and looking like a movie star in SoCal than in NorCal.

Aksharaa said...

Hi Dina,
Good to meet u here. I love to read and learn about other countries, their people, culture and your blog sure will help me learn about your country. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures..:)

please do come by when u get the time. I blog at

Kay said...

Uh oh.... surfers? You might get Jon your way. Unfortunately he's on his own right now traveling through Mexico. I sure hope he's keeping safe without Sarah there to make sure he's being careful.

Adullamite said...

Indeed I found it very different from the rest of Israel! Love the sea however!

Anonymous said...

Looks so fun. I didn't know such situation in Jerusalem.Happy holidays.

Rob and Mandy said...

Well, you know the old saying... What to do in Jerusalem on sabbath? Go to Tel Aviv.

Spiderdama said...

Yes, Tel Aviv is great!! Wonderful place in your world. Nice pictures too:-)