Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Like night and day

This is how chanukiot looked last night, after all 8 + 1 candles were kindled.

And early this morning, this is what I saw in a street in Jerusalem!

A sure sign that today is Zot Chanuka, the 8th (last) day of the holiday.
The man was pouring boiling water from his electric kettle to melt the wax.

No longer needed this year, his Chanuka menorah will be clean and ready, come December 2012.

(Jewish days begin at sunset and end 24 hours later, at sunset; so last night we lit the candles for the last "day" of Chanuka.)
For some funny views of my two Chanuka lamps please see here and here.


Pat said...

The fully lit chanukiot is beautiful! I like the scene of the man cleaning out his Chanuka menorah. Boiling water is certainly the best way to clean out the wax!

Kathy said...

Ah, the end of the festivities; always somewhat bittersweet.

Kay said...

Another Hanukkah passed. I know it was a wonderful celebration for you Dina. I'm glad you were able to have family around.

Leif Hagen said...

A lovely photo of the Menorah! I hope you have enjoyed that holiday season, Dina!

Fran said...

I love all the photos, past and present. Peace and good to you and yours Dina, as another Chanukah is behind us.

And boiling water - I have learned something (however obvious it must seem) today, I have not tried that for candle wax. Very good!

Spiderdama said...

Your pictures in links is very cool!
Hope you have had a happy Hanukkah.

VP said...

Very interesting pictures, I hope you enjoyed these festive days!

SH -ic said...

love it when it is coloured .. we need much light on earth :))

Raksha said...

Your fully lit chanukiah is so beautiful, Dina. Thank you for posting that picture.

mirae said...

that chanuka candlelabra looks beautiful.As much as I love christmas lights there is something far more mesmerizing about the real fire.

these pictures lead me to consider how we are all creatures of ceremony whether it is chanuka we arecelebrating or christmas it seems that we have to be steeped in tradition and ceremony.Beyond all the religious ideas I wonder where this stems from ?the recurrent path of the seasons of the moons and the stars..the ceremony of the night sky.
a reminder to not stop believing in what is beautiful and love.

thankyou for another awesome post.
love and light