Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tension at the tram station

For SkyWatch Friday watch a twilight sky over the Jerusalem Hills change color.

The Calder statue, Homage to Jerusalem--Stabile, sits high atop Mt. Herzl where the artist intended it to be.

Half an hour later, at 5:26, it was almost night.

I was still standing at the tram and bus station, waiting for my connection, for way too long on that bloody November 5.
A white police van, blue lights flashing, was sitting half on the platform.
Just a few hours earlier, a terrorist had killed several people by plowing into them with his white van at another light rail station on the east side of Jerusalem.
We the public, dependent on public transportation, felt nervous, like sitting ducks, wondering if we would be the next targets in the wave of vehicular terrorism sweeping over Jerusalem's tram stations.


  1. Beautiful photos! I saw it in the news here Dina. I told my cousin who works there to be very careful and look around all the time. Be safe!


  2. It made the news here as well. From the despicable point of view of madmen, that rates as a soft target.

    I like both takes on the sculpture.

  3. I love the statue at night!! I would hate to live in a country with that sort of terrorism!!! it must be so hard on the innocent bystanders!

  4. An awful situation and terrible to be a possible victim of this terrorists.

  5. You've been much on my mind, Dina.

    Shalom from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  6. I saw it in the news too. Awful stuff :( Be safe, Dina.

  7. Beautiful sculpture.

    What a way to live. We take so much for granted here in the USA.

  8. Impressive sculpture! great pics~
    May you be safe in your travels :)

  9. When the terrorists massacred all those people in the London Underground in 7/7/2005, they knew what they were doing. Bringing public transport to a halt kills hundreds but terrorises millions :(

    Peace Now!

  10. Calder's wasted iron could probably stop a tank...

  11. Friends, thank you for your thoughts.

    VP, LOL! Yeah, I should have crossed the street and stood under the Calder!
    But the wind coming out of the valley was just too cold. Not that the tram station is any warmer. They picked the highest, most exposed, windiest, coldest place in Jerusalem to build the terminus of the light rail.

  12. I like the photos with the statue and VP's comment made me smile.

  13. I would call this "Spider'.
    Nice image.

  14. Thanks for these shots of your city, and for sharing your apprehensions about possible terrorist attacks. With the psalmist, I am praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

    Sunset at the Pond

  15. People there don't look very bundle up. At this time we don't have any clouds in sky. But it been super cold. Although us in North Idaho is use to that.

    Coffee is on


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