Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The olive pressing process

Continuing our olive saga (see here and here) which began last week in Kibbutz Gezer:

 November and December are the time for making olive oil.
High season, so each grower's bin(s) of olives have to wait their turn at the olive press.

Here the Thai worker spreads out the fruit and collects the twigs.
(The olives I helped pick were much cleaner because we took the time to go over them already in the field.)
Much of Israel's agricultural work gets done thanks to hard-working guest-workers from Thailand.
These men working at the olive press live on-site.

Next, Mikki watched the olives climb up the "ladder" conveyor belt.

The olives got their first shower from the jets of water as the rolling rods shook leaves to the side and let any little stones fall through.
It's fun to enlarge the photos and see all these details up close.

Then they got a serious bath.

Here come the olives, dropping off the moving belt.

Once the olives are all clean they say goodbye to their firm bodies and get mashed up, pits and all.
The big rotating screw grinds them and pushes the pulp forward to the final stage--oil!

But lest this post become way too long, let's see the beautiful oil come out in tomorrow's post.


Peter said...

An interesting process, good to also see WWOOFing going strong.

crystal said...

Neat to see how it's done. Does the machine pit them too?

jaz@octoberfarm said...

can almost taste the oil!

William Kendall said...

That really is quite a process to get the olives sorted. Thanks for the shots!

Cloudia said...

Did I miss the pitting?

Very interesting posts, Dina.

"Make no judgments
where you have
no compassion."
Anne McCaffrey

Dina said...

Crystal and Cloudia, shalom. The olives are ground up pits and all. I added that to the text now. Thanks for the question.

Spiderdama said...

So interesting. And how nice to be there and see the prosess