Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Israel National Trail


A blaze of  blazes in the forest!
The orange-blue-white  blazes mark the Israel National Trail.
The blue and white is for a local trail.

Here's another marker on a rock, overlooking my neighborhood in the town of Meitar.

In the opposite direction are the South Hebron Hills in the West Bank.

Over to the west lies the Mediterranean and the Gaza Strip.

The 620-mile,  1000-km Israel Trail is celebrating 20 years since its inauguration in 1995.
I'm lucky to have it right down in Meitar's backyard.
All photos can be enlarged with two clicks.
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Reader Wil said...

It must be a great walk to follow part of this trail. I remember that you are a great walker. Thanks for your post with those beautiful photos.

William Kendall said...

I wouldn't mind hiking that. Beautiful shots!

Cloudia said...

Such beautiful green land!

ALOHA from Honolulu

Patsy said...

Thanks' for the great map I have been trying app's for my Ipad and not one is this good.
I want to keep up with this for my Bible study.

VP said...

This would be really great, but I am really too old (=lazy) for it...

Dina said...

Hi Wil. Yes, I thank God everyday that walking is still easy.

William, maybe someday you will. Other parts of the Trail are a lot more dramatic than these.

Cloudia, yes, green after abundant rain this winter. And there are wildflowers all over, carpets of them!

Patsy, good. True, it is hard to find a map with the Green Line on it anymore.

VP, well, I also would not do most of the Trail, just because of not wanting to carry tons of water etc. in a backpack. But little segments like the one near here are easy (in good weather).

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

That map is the clearest one I've seen! This is your week, "I" is for "Israel."

Now I've got 2 trails on my bucket list. This one and the one in Spain. Why don't you organize a walk. We'll all participate!


bettyl-NZ said...

How awesome to live in such a lovely place. I can see why God chose it for His own!

Dina said...

Janis shalom. Maybe I'll see you on the Camino de Santiago. It is a dream of mine to walk it.

Shalom bettyl-NZ. I agree, it is awesome, the Holy Land. But about your "why God chose it for His own," don't they talk about your own New Zealand as the GodZone/God's-own country? :)

Roger Owen Green said...

I LOVE maps , ever since my grandfather gave me his every month from Nat Geo.

yael said...

It is so green around you.Beautiful.

Dina said...

Roger, I'm with you on that. My kids grew up with those NG maps and others pinned up on the wall next to the toilet, on doors, everywhere. And they enjoyed learning what's where.

Yael, yes, it has been a good rainy winter for the desert. Wildflowers everywhere! Come down and see.

Karl Demetz said...

It would be a nice walk, really, but I think it would take me a year to do it all ... :-)

Ann said...

Our women's bible study is studying the walk of the Israelites through the wilderness. Such a wonderful study of provision.

cieldequimper said...

I'll come along if I may. It's gorgeous. But please be aware that despite the markers, I tend to take wrong turns...

Kay said...

I'm glad there are markers. It must be easy to get lost. I'm sure Art would love to walk that trail.