Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stones in a cage


In the hills around Jerusalem I was used to seeing ancient agricultural terrace walls.
Farmers built them from stones they cleared from the field.
They placed one stone on another in just the right way that the terrace wall would last for thousands of years.
So now when I see this easy-to-make stone wall in an Austrian village I have to wonder (and giggle a bit too).

See posts about the ancient terraces near Jerusalem  here.


Anonymous said...

we have them here in adelaide, australia Dina. i quite like them. i have been enjoying your visit to austria. shalom. Fran

Dina said...

Fran, thanks for that. This is my first time to see such a fence.

Alice said...

Different . I have never seen a fence like this .

William Kendall said...

This is a new one to me too!

Petrea Burchard said...

I've seen similar things along hillsides in the Los Angeles area. The idea is to shore up the hillsides. But this...?

Come Away With Me said...

It's a far cry from Jerusalem! ;-)
There is a fence like this, only much taller and longer, bordering someone's property that I see while driving down the freeway here in San Diego. First time I'd seen such a unique fence. I imagine it is to block the freeway noise and is perhaps less costly than a cinderblock wall.

Kay said...

I must say I've never, ever seen a fence like this before. In Hawaii, there would be concrete mortar holding it all together so you wouldn't need the wire cage. Then again, if you change your mind, it would be easier to take down that fence to move it elsewhere.