Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vienna's Café Museum


It was just a week ago that I set foot in Vienna and in a famous Viennese cafe for the first time.

At the time I didn't realize that  Café Museum was famous.
It opened in 1899 and became a meeting place for the city's artists.

Susie was kind enough to accompany me for several hours on the bus and subway all the way from Pinkafeld in the south (from her farm community where I was volunteering), and she made sure we visit her favorite cafe before she started her long trip back (and left me in the big city).
She knew just what to order.
Just deciding on a coffee can be confusing -- look at this whole poster of choices!

That's us at the round table,  reflected  for James' Weekend Reflections meme.
Wikipedia tells us that "When the café was renovated in 2010, the architect Peter Schwarz followed the original design of Josef Zotti. The half-round sofas are not covered with red pleather as in the original Zotti-design but with red velvet. Also the metal lamps made out of chromium-nickel steel, which reflect the interior of the café, were restored. The light source is inside of the globe, which has an aperture at the top. The light is reflected by the smaller half globe that is attached to the ceiling above the lamp.  Nowadays the café can seat 207 guests."
See this pretty picture of the interior

A strange omen: the sugar packets advertised the Jewish Museum.
I intended to see it but got side-tracked by other things.
Maybe next time.  And may that be soon!


Come Away With Me said...

Your opening photo made me think of our friend Merisi!

Dina said...

Come Away With Me, yes indeed! It was Merisi who took me to my second (and last) cafe in Vienna, at the Belvedere palace. See the building in my post of a few days ago. I still have to write a post about the cake and coffee! It was fun, the two of us taking pictures inside while other people looked on. :)

Alice said...


Hels said...

Café Museum was very famous! Not only did it open in 1899 and became a meeting place for the city's artists, but it was one of my beloved's and my favourite places! The red furniture is so rich, I am glad the walls are neutral.

Petrea Burchard said...

You had such a great trip! I'm glad you got to visit this spot.

Molly said...

Great reflection, I love finding things like this when i am out and about


Gosia k said...

Coffee is my favourite drink!!!

James said...

Very nice! I would love to spent some time there for reflections and coffees!

William Kendall said...

Merisi often features cafes at her page- the Viennese style of having a glass of water with a spoon on top on the side struck me as unusual the first time I saw it.

VP said...

Coffee isn't that complicated here...

Merisi said...

Café Museum is certainly a very comfortable place, isn't it?
I spent a lot of time there meeting fellow students while I was studying (I went to university when I moved to Vienna, but have graduated since).

Merisi said...

P,S,: VP made me laugh out loud. DonÄt let him tell you that there not as many coffee choices in Italy! ;-)