Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Viennese gingerbread house


More goodies from Vienna's Christkindl Christmas market -- a gingerbread house!
And if that is not beautiful enough for you, look at the lovely face of the young lady.

Even the sign is special.
A Pirker gingerbread house made from genuine Mariazeller gingerbread
with 50% bee honey in the gingerbread dough
handmade in more than 20 hours of work
Long-lasting and sweet as honey
Please don't nibble.

Happy holiday time to you!
UPDATE!  Photoblogger Merisi Vienna kindly sent us links to the Pirker family's website.
It is filled with sugar and spice and everything nice and begins like this:
The sweet aroma of honey, spices and Lebkuchen gently infuses the air in Mariazell. The unique Marizell honey Lebkuchen have been baked here for more than 300 years. The blend of spices used is a closely guarded secret, and the recipe is passed on from generation to generation.
The Pirker family has kept the traditional handicraft of Lebkuchen baking alive to the present day.


Alice said...

All I can say is yummm !!! Dina A lot of work went into that house.

Hels said...

Do people pull down all that work in building the house, just to eat the gingerbread? It seems a shame.

William Kendall said...

It looks quite tempting!

Linda said...

It is beautiful, Dina!

Gosia k said...

It is very nice . In my place people do it too. Have a great sunday

spacedlaw said...

How could anyone dare to eat these?
Happy holidays!