Thursday, December 10, 2015

So many saddles!


The guided tour of Vienna's Spanish Riding School takes you into the impressive tack room.

Some 70 Lipizzaner horses live in the stable and each has his own Baroque dressage saddle.

The Spanish Riding School has 170-175 riders.
It takes years of training and they start anywhere between the ages of 16 to 25.
In recent years a small number of horsewomen have been admitted to what was always an all-male academy.

Stirrups are fastened up behind the saddle.
Riders need strong legs because some of the riding and the airs above the ground are done without stirrups.

Above each bridle is the stallion's name.

For more information and links about this wonderful place in wonderful Vienna please see my previous posts. 
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Alice said...

Every thing is in order. I am amazed.

Anonymous said...

Spanish Riding School is world famous, and I would deary loved to seen them in action, though I would have kept my distance. Nice to see all the equipment, though.

PS: Re you comment -If you have seen the Disney film “Frozen”, you will find some houses that look suspiciously like "Bryggen” :-)

VP said...

Amazing details and a well deserved exposure for the photo-thieves!

Gosia k said...

Dina I love horses but I have never ridden on them

Dina said...

Alice, well, as the German saying goes, "Ordnung muss sein."

Visualnorway, ah, so maybe I'll have to see "Frozen." My 5 year old granddaughter in Australia can belt out the whole theme song by heart.

VP, yeah, let's see if PhotoManiac notices. Such chutspah, stealing people's blog posts like that!

Gosia, speaking from experience, it is probably safer just to love horses without riding them.

William Kendall said...

Impressive and well equipped!