Sunday, December 6, 2015

Our Scouts' Chanuka torch parade


The Scouts in Meitar had their traditional first-night-of-Chanuka torch parade tonight!

It was freezing cold but the kids walked many blocks through the town.

Sufganiot, jelly donuts, were waiting at the end.

Happy Chanuka!

Painted on the Scounts den, the motto, "BE PREPARED."


Gosia k said...

Hanukahh is an interesting festrival for me. I hane read about it on the internet. Have a great Monday

William Kendall said...

The torchlight works well. Happy Hannukkah, Dina!

VP said...


Come Away With Me said...

Happy Chanuka, Dina.

Petrea Burchard said...

Happy Chanukah, dear Dina! Folks are just getting started over here.

Karl Demetz said...

This was surely a great event for the kids !
Happy Chanuka, Dina !

Alice said...

Happy Chanukah Dina
The children look like they were enjoying them selves.

Kay said...

It's so wonderful that the scouts got to enjoy the holiday and have a jelly donut at the end. I'll bet they enjoyed the sweet dessert after the walk.