Sunday, July 17, 2016

The beginning of a pacifier tree


Meitar now has a pacifier tree!
Maybe there are more in town, but this is the first one I've discovered.
Apparently the custom began in Scandinavia where children at age three give up their pacifier and hang it on a tree, sometimes with an attached good-bye letter.
This "rite of passage" spread to America and now to Israel.
Have you seen it in your country?

(The tree is a silk floss tree and it stands in a pretty roundabout.
See more about this strange spiky tree in previous posts.)


Oakland Daily Photo said...

What a sweet ritual. Haven't seen it in these parts.

Cloudia said...

New to me, Dina. Fun shot

Gosia k said...

looks interesting

Alice said...

I have not heard of this custom Dina

William Kendall said...

That is new to me.

Karl Demetz said...

Not seen here yet... nice idea and fun shot :)

Alice said...

A different and adorable goodbye to the pacifier.

Gunn said...

That made me smile:)
Yes, we have/had one in Stavanger too.