Thursday, July 7, 2016

World Chocolate Day, sweet memories


Today is World Chocolate Day!
July 7, 2016 marks 466 years since chocolate was introduced to Europe.
It arouses sweet memories of a trip to the north on a rainy day in March.
Right there where we were staying, in Kibbutz Degania Beit, was a small chocolate factory! 
Or as their sign says,
Galita, the chocolate farm
Exciting chocolate experience

The store had a precious cocoa tree full of cocoa pods (behind glass!).
The cacao plant was first given its botanical name by Carl Linnaeus in his original classification of the plant kingdom, who called it Theobroma ("food of the gods") cacao.

After lots of free sampling, I decided on a little bottle of delicious chocolate liqueur.

Who knew!  Jews had a hand in the production and spread of chocolate centuries ago. 
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Hels said...

"Delicious chocolate liqueur" ... sigh.... of course it is gorgeous!

William Kendall said...

Who can resist chocolate?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh my gosh... I would love this experience. As who would not! I'm a firm believer in the necessity of good grade "Vitamin C(hocalate) :)))

Tom said...

I thought that every day was chocolate day!

Lesley said...

That's funny, my son just informed me that it was World Chocolate Day and that we needed chocolate ice cream to celebrate.
I was fine with that idea :)

Alice said...

MMMM! That says it all : )

Karl Demetz said...

For me could be every day a world chocolate day...

Jael said...

I did not know yesterday was the chocolate day! I had not even one piece of chocolate,that must be corrected;D
That cacao tree looks lovely. Saw many of those when I lived in Venezuela and visited a cacao farm.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

The pods are such an odd, bulbous shape. Makes you wonder who figured out they were edible!


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Every day is chocolate day for moi Dina 😃 Food of the gods is the perfect description :)

Dina said...

It is hard to believe how much labor goes into making a simple bar of chocolate!