Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Evergreen boughs in waiting


This appeared today at the edge of the Grandchamp garden.
Piles of freshly-cut evergreen boughs.
A sure sign that Advent is coming.
Soon the creative artistic nuns will start transforming the branches into Advent wreaths and beautiful decorations for the Christmas season. 
Stay tuned (I'll be here until December 26, camera ready.)


Alice said...

What a nice idea. Were you are , is it a large community Dina?

Dina said...

Alice, if you count postulants, novices, and the professed nuns, it comes to around 50. But they are not all here at Grandchamp. Some live at Sonnenhof, in German-speaking Switzerland. For many decades the sisters had a fraternity in Israel, 2 or 3 sisters; that is where I came to know about the community.
You will enjoy seeing the pics and info at

Kay said...

I can just imagine the smell of the pine boughs around the monastery.