Monday, November 14, 2016

Men and their Mercedes


So after living in a women's monastic community for any length of time (I've been here 12 days now), you start to miss seeing men around. (UPDATE:  Just kidding, kinda. I speak for myself alone; I'm sure the nuns are fine with it.)
This morning, on our desert day, I walked out and into the little village nearby.
The man was unloading his huge black shiny MERCEDES truck and I actually stopped to ask if I might take a picture of it.
He thought I wanted him to pose.

He snapped the cement platot (English?) onto the crane's cables,

and up it went.

The worker waiting to fit it into place on the new house actually walked UNDER it.


Alice said...

Oi is right!! Nice photos Dina

Cloudia said...

Interesting to know, and I like your resulting shots

William Kendall said...

Photographing stuff like this going on does make for interesting photo ops!

Hels said...

Dina, Dina, Dina

men are extremely important in our lives, but not all the time. After you take all the photos of strapping big working men, go back to your own creative, thoughtful and charitable work :)

Dina said...

Ladies, ladies, my opening remarks were meant tongue in cheek. I went back and added something to that effect. :)

Kay said...