Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Welcome to my home away from home


Where I am living this month and next.
A centuries-old Swiss house named l'Amandier, the almond tree (there are some out back, in the garden).
It is one of four or five big buildings here at the Community of Grandchamp. 
Down a bit is the cellar and the Salle d'Accueil (where Sr. S. is heading). 
This Reception is for guests and has for sale books, cards, and nice things made by Grandchamp artisan-sisters. 
Some elderly nuns live on the middle floor with an accompanying sister-nurse.
We volunteers, and sometimes a few guests, live on top. 
Enlarge the photo to see the house's pretty details. 

My room, called la Priere (prayer), on a rare sunny morning. 
For a monastic cell, it is quite big.
It has all I need and more.
The bathrooms are down the hall. 


Alice said...

Your room looks comfortable and quiet, a nice room to relax in.

Dina said...

Thanks Alice. It's quiet all right. No talking allowed on my floor. If someone absolutely has to tell you something, it's in a whisper. Or they leave you a note on the threshold of your door. And of course, no talking on a CELL phone in a monastic cell. :)
There are many periods of silence here, especially now during Advent.
We also eat meals together in silence.

Hels said...

You don't say when the building was built, or what its original purpose was, but it still looks nicely designed today. I quite like the symmetry, with the green provided by shutters and vines.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see where you are staying and your room, and to hear more of your life in the monastery.
Farm Gal in VA

William Kendall said...

Quite a beautiful building.

Reader Wil said...

I suppose you'll read a lot, won't you?