Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A bizarre accident, 2 smashed cars


This big Border Police vehicle managed to do a lot of damage to two parked cars on a main street of my town early last Friday morning, thankfully without injuring any people.

Police were already there investigating, and this one was measuring distances with his meter measuring wheel.

A parked towing wagon had also been hit and was on its side. 

I really wonder how and why this happened.
Click one or two times on the photos to get the full "impact."


William Kendall said...

One suspects there might be hell to pay for their drivers in terms of their employment with the border police.

Hels said...

Oh my goodness! I don't like driving on the "wrong" side of the road, because I have to be ultra cautious... all of the time. But seeing car accidents would make the tension FAR worse.

Alice said...

I hope every one involved in the accident is ok

Dina said...

I was told that no one was in the parked cars. So the only one involved was the police/Border Guard driver. That's why it is so strange. Apparently he (she?) was not hurt.