Thursday, December 18, 2008

The land of milk and honey

Israel is a leading dairy production country.
Glass milk bottles went out of use about 1960.
Now we have plastic bags.
In larger stores you can find a few cartons for sale but they are more expensive than bags.
Only the milk in bags is price-controlled.

A liter of bag milk costs 4.68 shekels.
At today's exchange rate (it changes everyday), that would be US$1.27.
The blue bag in its holder  is 3% fat, and the red is 1%.
 I go through almost a bag a day, the milk is so good!


  1. Do the bags ever leak? Never seen milk in a bag before. You teach me something every day. Thanks.

  2. To Ms. Dina

    I read some of your posts, and your writing has interested me. I would like to visit again, as I would like to see more neat and beautiful photos from you, like the photos you have already posted.

    Naval Langa

  3. JC, rarely, but yes, sometimes you get a leaky bag in the store. For that reason the big stores have a roll of plastic bags next to the milk to put the milk bags in. But they are quite strong.

    Shalom Naval Langa, you are very welcome here. I look forward to your visits. You have funny stories at your blog. :)

  4. We have those kind of Milk plastic bags in Iran too. :)

    Stop by my blog Dina. I found a great photoblog of Tehran.

  5. very interesting - i never knew milk was still sold in bags in a country so close to my own.

  6. Noy very practical indeed to put away.

  7. Interesting, Dina. I also like milk, and I drink half litre a day. We have milk in cartons (1/2 or 1 litre) and also in glass bottles (3/4 litre). Milk costs about 1,20 euro/litre.

  8. In a bag? My my I like milk in a glass bottle. Some day it may come in a bag here to.

  9. Sounds expensive per liter. I've never seen milk in a bag before (in Italy - and France - it is mostly sold in plastic bottles or cartons - only cartons in Holland that I remember of)

  10. negver saw a bag of milk before, how much is in the bag. A gallon here is $2.75


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