Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weekend drivers

From the west side of our hill you can look down on this road. It winds through the Soreq Valley. On Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings during the summer it is a Mecca for motorcyclists. Click on the photo to see how numerous they are!
The sound the engines make, reverberating off the steep stony walls of the narrow valley, always seems in sharp contrast to the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of Shabbat.
Religious Jews do not drive on Shabbat and many non-religious stay around home to rest. Public transportation does not run either. So the bikers pretty much have the road to themselves.
BTW, in Israel we do not have Sunday off. Sunday is just the first day of the work week.
(Same road without zoom)
I haven't heard them much this autumn. But today is (and all week was) unseasonably warm, a sunny 24 C or 75 F, and the bikers are out in full force to feel the sun and wind on their face.


Pietro said...

Interesting post, Dina. These roads are suited for motocyclists: many bends and a very pleasant landscape.
Sorry I'm always late in the comments of all the blogs, but I can't follow the quickness of bloggers (!) and moreover I still have a slow connection. :-)

Eki Akhwan said...

This is a breathtaking view, Dina. I like the idea of a near complete quite a day in a week of the Sabbath. If only the world can observe a day like that ... how much air and noise pollution can that reduce ... Sigh. Our day off is Sunday, like in most parts of the world and it's as noisy as if not more that any working days ...

Petrea said...

I like the two shots, so we can take the close-up look. I'm a little afraid of riding a motorcycle - not the adventuress, like you.

Cloudia said...

Lovely road . . . .vroom! vroom!

Indrani said...

Whoa!Huge black serpentine roads! Beautiful view. When do you have your weekly off?

Dina said...

Pietro, yes, but unfortunately not everyone knows how to safely drive the big bikes. Every year we lose a few bikers to accidents on these roads in the hills.

Eki, it is hard to stop everything. But someone wise once said: "Remember that you are a human being, not a human doing."

Petrea, actually I think riding a motorcycle in Israeli traffic is suicidal. You are smart.

Cloudia, it is a lovely road through wilderness!

Indrani, everyone has Saturday off and most workers have Friday off, but kids go to school six days a week (well, Friday would be a shorter day for the kids). So Friday became a shopping day; parents can go buy groceries or whatever without their children.