Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back door delivery

Unloading the day's vegetables for a restaurant on Agrippas Street in Jerusalem.


katney said...

Just the street name afte an ancient governor as a counterpoint to the modern car is something in itself.

Jacob said...

A nice slice-of-life in Jerusalem...lots of veggies!

Cloudia said...

Some things ring familiar everywhere in the world.

I remember awakening to the clop clop of horses pulling wagons of produce-for-sale in my grandmother's West Philadelphia of 50 years ago. Peddlers, Italian and Jewish peddlers. another world. Have we lived so long?
And still LOVING it!

Shalom & Aloha, my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Kay said...

I can almost feel the anticipation of seeing all the colorful and delicious produce about to be delivered.

spacedlaw said...

I love that streets still bear Roman names. I wonder if this is the same Agrippa who is responsible for the Pantheon in Rome.

Pietro said...

Beautiful image of everyday's life. I like this kind of pictures.
I'm still thinking of the menschelach: they are so unique and charming!

Dina said...

Katney and Spacedlaw, I agree, it is fun to have historical street names. Our Agrippa(s), grandson of Herod the Great, lived from 10 BC to 44 CE and was king of Judea. He was actually quite well-liked by the Jews.

Jacob, funny funny. :)

Cloudia, really?! I remember the horse-drawn ice wagon coming through the alley in Chicago. The driver would give us kids little pieces of ice to eat. When I was little we had an icebox.

Kay, yeah, and the funny thing is, the restaurant is just half a block from the huge market.

Pietro, I'll try to give you more everyday pictures. Hey, you are an artist, maybe you can make some menschelach!

Dina said...

You can find great little stories for Jerusalem street names at

Ann said...

In Singapore, we get Israeli persimmons. Very sweet.