Friday, October 30, 2009

Basalt and a bunch of benches

Shalom dear friends!
I have missed you so much while being away these last two weeks doing archaeology in Tiberias.
Fortunately the phone company fixed my Internet connection meanwhile, so I can catch up on your blogs this weekend before returning to the final week of the dig.
Thank you for your patience and your comments!

For RuneE's "Bench on Friday" mini-meme over at Visual Norway (to which you are invited), here is a whole truckload of picnic benches.
They were being off-loaded at the place (whatever it is going to be) across from the hostel where I am staying in Tiberias.
Notice the wall on the right. All of old and older Tiberias is built of this same heavy black basalt stone. The preponderance of it somehow gives a heavy and dark feeling in this strange city below sea level.
So different from Jerusalem of Gold.
Shabbat shalom to you all!


Kay said...

Now this is certainly a different sort of bench picture. :-)

Petrea said...

Hi Dina,
An interesting picture. I'm especially interested in the different stone, and the fact that Tiberias is below sea level. What an experience!

Jew Wishes said...

I have missed you so much, Dina.

What a great photo with so many varied textures.