Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Florida to Jerusalem

I was walking to the Italian Jewish Art Museum when I spotted this institution for the first time. 
I wasn't familiar with Southeastern University but I figured this must be another new Jerusalem branch of an American college, most likely Protestant, probably Evangelical. 
Back home, I Googled and found  two opposing views of this school:
  Southeastern's Jerusalem campus website  vs.  an anti-"missionary" Jewish website
As I have written many times, nothing is simple in Israel; life is always made complicated.


Nadege said...

Complicated or non-boring?
Fascinating for sure.

Kay said...

Well... you do live in a very "interesting" controversial, historical, complicated place, to be sure.

Hels said...

I hope they are not recruiting new souls and converting them. But at least they got the architecture right... it fits right into the Jerusalem landscape.

VP said...

Being Italian helps, nothing is so strnge to us...

Pietro said...

Interesting. May be I am a pessimist, but I notice that every change is often a worsening, in all fields!

Leif Hagen said...

You made a nice discovery, Dina! It's always great to find new places out on a walk.