Monday, May 16, 2011

Birds on a (razor-) wire

Yesterday Israel learned that wire fences are for the birds.
(Enlarge to see the sitting doves.)

"For the birds" -- an American idiom meaning worthless, meaningless.
That's My World for now.


Rob and Mandy said...

And there was that old Leonard Cohen song...

Jedediah said...

It's great that it's of use to someone at least. But I think the birds would prefer some hedges and trees, just like us.

Pretty Life Online said...

nice one for myworld... Have a great weekdays ahead!!! Hope to see you around.

Anonymous said...

..."for the peace" - a world idiom, meaningful.

please have a good tuesday.

daily athens

Kay L. Davies said...

Great catch, though, Dina. Such pretty brown doves.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Cloudia said...

Warm ShAloha from Waikiki

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RuneE said...

I must admit that I have a weak spot for phrases and photos that gives rise to a double interpretation. This was absolutely one of them.

Robin said...

I think I'm going to stop reading the news. It's just too depressing watching my country go to hell...

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Dina said...

Rune, glad you caught it.

Robin, yes, reading the news is bad enough. But Sunday I was watching LIVE coverage of the trampling of the border fences by the masses from Syria and Lebanon.

VP said...

What do they say about fences and neighbors?

Kay said...

I'm not so sure about that razor wire. I really think it would hurt their feet.

JM said...

Great meaning!

Thank you so much for your nice comment, very kind of you, Dina.