Monday, July 25, 2011

Coming together in protest

First there was the Arab Spring; now we have the Israeli summer.
Ordinary individuals started Facebook protest groups, and this has rapidly mushroomed into tent cities and protesters marching in the streets in cities all over Israel, even now as we speak.
Last month the three dairy monopolies raised the price of cottage cheese by many shekels.
One man fought back with a Facebook page and soon had the whole nation boycotting the product.
And we won! The price was lowered.
The Cottage Cheese Revolution was "a watershed in the economic life of Israel."
And the people got a taste for revolution.
Then young Daphni Leef needed to move and discovered the exorbitant rents in Tel Aviv.
She started another Facebook movement.
Now citizens have moved into tents in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and other cities to emphasize the lack of and price of rental housing.
Students mostly, but also other sectors who can't afford to buy apartments, even if there were enough to buy.
These two pictures are from this morning in Independence Park.
Apparently it is a subgroup of the bigger tent city. The sign says "Public housing for all."
Certain families, mainly single parent families, below the poverty line are entitled to public housing; but again, there is just not enough of it.
Dairy farmers came up to Jerusalem to protest today too.
The government was threatening to import milk.
What a stupid idea.
The doctors in public hospitals have been striking off and on for the past 128 days.
Yesterday they started a march to the capital, led by their union head who began a hunger strike.
They are camping overnight at Kfar Chabad and will arrive here tomorrow.
What's great is that the students and everyone are staying mostly civilized when blocking traffic by sitting down in the street in the midst of the marches and when confronting police.
And all the different groups help one another and all of us support our doctors.
The chant most chanted is "Ha-am doresh--tsedek hevrati!"
"The people demands social justice!"
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eileeninmd said...

Neat post and thanks for sharing this info. It seems like there is always something to protest about. I would like to see the citizens of the USA protest against all the lying politicians.

Kay said...

Wow! I do like the idea of a peaceful protest. Maybe we need to have a grass roots movement to protest the deadlock in Congress because of the stubbornness of the two parties to come together about the budget. It's ridiculous!

mirae said...

we also have had exorbitant rental hikes in my canadian city.
For a while we were known as a boom town and people wanted to move here desperately.Rents hiked up by hundreds of dollars effecting the lower income groups. The property managers did not care about the people at all. If the demand was high they would hike up the rents sky high, regardless of the hardships caused to their tenants.

capitolism has failed right across the board, right across the planet.

anyway love and light beautiful Dina.

Hels said...

I think it is terrific that, because of one person or one small group of concerned citizens, a Facebook protest page can have the whole nation boycotting a particular dairy product.

Monopolies in the dairy industry or any other industry are scary because they can raise the price of their products and think that people will cop it. No choice!

WRONG... there is a choice! People will act collectively.

spacedlaw said...

You guys sound like the French! I like the idea of getting a taste of revolution (that tate beign Cottage Cheese somewhat absurdly).

Eki said...

That's what's magical about social networking!

Bravo for these consumers!

Irina said...

Good. But in Russia everything is still and quiet. We are very patient people.

Joyful said...

Wow! I didn't know there was all this going on in Israel. I've been thinking of visiting in a few months so will have to keep an eye on things there. Thank you for sharing the story. Thankfully the protests have been peaceful ones.

VP said...

Don't worry, we have been through that for at least forty years...

Spiderdama said...

I can not imagine what the world this is.. so far from my own.
Just the little story about a boycott of the cheese and the price really was lowered is very impressive to me.
It is rare protests in my city.

Reader Wil said...

It looks as if the whole world is at sixes and sevens, upside down. Is there a place or a country where we find peace and happiness? Your way of protesting is peaceful, but the fact that you have to protest is sad. It's always about money, power, discrimination...

Suzanne said...


Rob and Mandy said...

The Cottage Cheese Revolution indeed. Our revolution, against the 'system' started on May 15th. Hope for them it will somehow work, but at least you achieve something in Israel!

JM said...

Very interesting post! Mark Zuckerberg never thought his creation would have such a power in our societies.

Elena said...

How wonderful, the power of the Web! We really need a revolution in the US right now--food prices up, gas prices up, rents high, while block after block of foreclosed homes stand empty--and everyone making far less than they did two years ago, and with millions out of work. I I had a clue how Facebook worked, I'd start a revolution myself. Wonderful that the Israelis have tapped into all that power!

Winchester Daily Photos said...

Peaceful protest & people power! The internet is a great way to bring people together for that kind of thing!

Anonymous said...

oh ! wishing that everything remains peaceful ! over here now nearly 50 days have passed since tents were put in front of the parliamant.

the world's probably about to change as a whole. history will be the judge though. please have a good wednesday.

Petrea Burchard said...

Brilliant news! It's exciting to see people get together and stand up for their rights.