Friday, February 3, 2012

Well polished

The squeaky clean windows and body of the Mercedes reflect* the Old City buildings in Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Square.
The diplomatic corps car was turning into the narrow Latin Patriarchate Road.
Maybe the Latin [i.e. Roman Catholic] Patriarch was inside (I didn't want to stare).
It's always fun to see the two little Vatican flags on the car.
For James' Weekend Reflections.


Kay said...

Oh I would have stared. Anybody in a shiny Mercedes should expect that.

crystal said...

Nice contrast between the ancient buildings and the shiny new car :)

RuneE said...

I get envious (and a bad) conscience when I see a well polished car like this :-)

Birdman said...

Contrary points can merge together This shows it.

VP said...

I would like to drive a car with small flags on the hood!

Sara said...

You must have moved quickly to get that wonderful car-side reflection! I do love all those Jerusalem stones.

Dina said...

Friends, shalom, I do enjoy your witty comments!

Sara, actually the car was standing still. Often cars have to wait at that corner until other vehicles come out. No room for more than one on the street.

Reader Wil said...

I enlarged the photo and then the reflection is very distinctly visible! Great picture!