Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Old-fashioned fun

Hot hot hot. Our heat wave in Israel is lasting weeks this time.
So what's a grandma to do when three grandkids come visiting to my one-room house with no air conditioning?

Water play, outside! Dean turned on the hose.

Eyal filled up a plastic water bottle shpritzer and shpritzed us all.

Libby watered the grapevine and then took care of her big brother.

Luckily their mom, my smart daughter, had brought a change of clothes for each.

It doesn't take much to have fun and be happy together!


Kay said...

These are such adorable, precious photos, Dina. They are such beautiful grandkids. I love seeing their loving relationship with each other. I also see so much of Naomi in them.

Robert Geiss said...

Life as it can, as it should be.

crystal said...

When I was a kid I loved playing in the sprinklers on hot days :)

How hot is the heat wave there?

Anonymous said...

gorgeous post. :)

Gunn said...

That`s the way to do it!
Cute kids!

Have fun and a nice summer!

Bergson said...

I laught with yours shots

VP said...

Heat wave and fun doesn't go together well, at least at my age!

Birdman said...

Kids and a water hose EQUALS fun, fun, fun. Everytime!

Willard said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, Dina.

I enjoyed catching up on your blog.

We have been having a heat wave too, although after some rain it is a bit better now.

Pat said...

I think Grandma Dina deserves to stand under the hose, too! Great shots of your grands keeping cool. They looks so sweet.