Saturday, November 10, 2012

Heroes of the day


Meet my Hero of the Day, and of the Sabbath day at that.

 It's a long way up.
The Israel Electric Company linemen are so brave.

The man on the ground and the man in the air worked quickly, carefully, and with a smile.
It was just half an hour before sunset and I and the neighboring house were mighty glad to get power back after 16 hours without any.

Enlarge this photo, it's fun!
It's like the worker and the wires are having a duel.
Or is he saying "Hocus pocus!" to the sleeping giant?
Just after midnight last night I was shutting down the computer when I heard a loud PATZ!  outside and out went my lights.
Today  the Electric Company worker explained to me that it was a combination of a little rain, a lot of wind, and the first contractions of the cables as we go from summer heat to winter cold that caused the explosion.

It's good, today they changed the burnt wires and put in stronger connecting thingies.
Better today, a mostly sunny day, than on a cold and rainy day later, when winter really sets in (IF it ever does). 
One night and one day of no Internet and no light.
It was a tiny price for the neighbors and me to pay compared to the on-going suffering of the  poor victims of Hurricane Sandy.
And may the American linemen have strength to carry on in the endless repair work ahead.
Thanks to all those who take care of us.


Robin said...

Goodness, your poor little moshav has more electrical trouble than anyone else I know here in Israel. Welcome back to the illuminated side. Glad it wasn't worse. My heart really goes out to all those who still have no power on the East Coast :(.

Sara said...

Amen to that!

The photo does look kind of like he's saying hocus pocus - and the wires are saying it right back at him.

Cloudia said...

Good to remember all those who serve!

Aloha Saturday from Honolulu
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Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes during heavy rain lights go out over here as well. Always have a few candles close by.

Yes, life is much better because of such workers.

Kay said...

It really is an awful situation in the States. People are upset about not having electricity for the past 2 weeks, but they're having a hard time getting everything repaired.

Hels said...

"A little rain, a lot of wind, and the first contractions of the cables as we go from summer heat to winter cold". That's a worry. We are talking routine, daily events here, not bushfires or tsunamis. Yet you lost your electricity anyhow :(

diane b said...

That is annoying to have the power go but how good are these guys to do such a dangerous job?

Leif Hagen said...

I'm going to keep my "day job" as I'm not at all mechanically or electrically inclined!
Kindest regards to you, dear Dina!

Spiderdama said...

Well, I hope that winter will come after my visit.. I need some sun:-)

Great job they do, almost like my SpiderDans work. Great photos:-)

Birdman said...

Today is Vet Day in USA. Thanks to all holds true. War and Peace. Strange bedfellows.

VP said...

He would also be my hero!

Eki Qushay said...

What a coincidence it is! You posted about your hero on the date we celebrate our Heroes Day.

He's a hero indeed.