Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sirens, escalation, and transparency


S is for second scary siren for ABC Wednesday.

This afternoon the Red Alert sirens went off again in my village and in Jerusalem and in the villages to her south and west .
From various tweets I understand that the missile exploded in an olive grove in or near a Palestinian village in the West Bank.

The new transparent escalator in Hadassah hospital made me want to title this post

Despite, or maybe because of,  efforts for a ceasefire by tonight, the fighting seemed to escalate during the day.
And Operation Pillar of Defense is a conflict which, for the first time, is covered by minute-to-minute tweeting and live-blogs, with a lot of transparency.


Hels said...

Aiming for a hospital would be a new low, even for terrorists. But who is going to stop Hamas? The territory's own ruling party? I don't think so.

Leslie: said...

We've been watching it all on the news and we sure hope things get settled once and for all.

abcw team

Roger Owen Green said...

scary stuff. i see it on the news every night; living through it must be terrifying
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Ann said...

Keep safe.

Kay said...

I can't imagine what the stress level has to be for all of you. Isn't it time you go and visit Naomi or Edo? And then there's always Hawaii...

Anonymous said...

I try to paint a country
That has a parliament of jasmine
A people as tender as jasmine
Whose pigeons upon my head sleep
Whose minarets in my eyes weep
A country that befriends my poetry
That sets me free...
That soldiers upon my forehead
Never allows to tread
I try to paint a country
That rewards my poetry
That forgives me
If the river of my madness overflows !

Nizar Kabbani

Shalom Aaron

crystal said...

I hope there is a lasting cease-fire. It feels weird to be going about my normal life while you and others are in constant danger. Take care!

Spiderdama said...

Only sad news today.
Praying for peace and ceasefire, while I are heading to the airport very soon..

Stay safe
Hugs from Tania

VP said...

I am not speaking of Israel now, but too many 'news' from many different and often unreliable sources isn't probably much a progress... But it is always better than state-controlled news!

Dina said...

VP, Israel radio never likes to tell where rockets fell in my area in order not to let the terrorists launching the rockets to adjust their aim. But I am always curious so I follow places like the Jerusalem Post's live blog at

which they describe as

"The minute-to-minute coverage includes breaking updates from our reporters, photographers and experts around the country, as well as informational briefings, updates on rocket, terror and military attacks, defense establishment and official comments and world reactions."

Pia said...

Dina, my good thoughts for you. I hope you are save. Take care!

Joy said...

We hear the sirens on our news when they are reporting from Israel. Keep safe.
Joy - ABC Team

Mama Pajama said...

hang in there, Dina.