Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This way to the inn


Would this sign, on this car, entice you to go eat at the restaurant it advertises?
It is parked next-door to Pundak Ein Kerem  (Ein Kerem Inn),  in the village which was annexed to Jerusalem.
The sign claims that eating there has been "a Jerusalem experience" already 25 years.
Who knows, maybe the car has been there that long, too.
(A post for Lesley's fun meme, Signs Signs.)
UPDATE:  Please see additional and more favorable information about the restaurant  in my new post


RedPat said...

I think I'd give it a pass!

Cloudia said...


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Lesley said...

It does look like a few years worth of dust is on that car! But out of curiosity, I would have a look see at the place anyway.

Dina said...

Friends, in all honesty, I should admit that whenever I pass the restaurant it is full of people. I have never ventured in, but that's because of budgetary reasons.

Robin said...

Oh man, what a way to advertise. I mean the dust here can get insane, but that's ridiculous!

Kathy said...

Somebody needs to take a hose to that car!

Luna Miranda said...

LOL it's weird the inn manager has not realize how this sign would affect a potential customer.:p

Kay said...

Ummm... not exactly very appetizing is it?

Andy said...

What kind of clientele would this sign attract?

Spiderdama said...

It would not be the worst thing I had done in Jerusalem, but I'd probably find another place:-)

Hels said...

What does an "inn" mean, in the Israeli context? I would love to visit one.

VP said...

The car looks slightly younger than that, but I won't eat at that restaurant! They need to rethink their ad strategy!

toby said...

That is hilarious!!