Monday, September 23, 2013

More on our only lion's death


Tonight The Times of Israel has Lider's death as their top story (well, I mean at the top of the page). 
Please see their article, "Lider, the lion king of Jerusalem, dies at 16."

From it we learn that  Lider "was put to sleep last Thursday after veterinarians and keepers decided that his difficulties in walking and standing, brought on by chronic back pain, were insufferable."

The paper also informs us that 
Asiatic lions are an endangered species, with only around 300 left in the Gir Forest Sanctuary in India and another 330 in captivity.   Zoos around the world are engaged in a breeding program to try and save the faltering species from extinction.
However, with the relatively small number of Asian lions available – by comparison there are over 1,600 African lions in captivity – inbreeding is common and as a result many of the animals have genetic disorders affecting their health. Lider himself was born sterile as a result and an illness that afflicted his nervous system was likely brought on by genetic problems.

The animals in the Lions Fountain  will hopefully live forever.
Germany donated the fountain to Jerusalem in 1989.

The lion of Judah is the official emblem of the City of Jerusalem so we have a special place in our heart for lions, living or dead. 
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Gary Phillips said...

Interesting post. But also a sad comment on the end of a species!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Ercotravels said...

So sad news about the king of forest! but lion fountain looking nice..
Great informative post.

Fun60 said...

It would be sad to see the end of a species. Let's hope that the zoos can find a way of solving the poor genetic pool they have.

This is Belgium said...

sorry that I get to meet Leider after he passes away

VP said...

You know what I think about beasts in general and of who cares too much for them. Sorry for the lions, but not too much...

Hilda said...

The fountain is beautiful, but the information you quoted is so sad.

JM said...

The fountain is gorgeous and the composition is very good.

Karl Demetz said...

Sad news Dina, anyway... I love lions.
Gorgeous fountain, well spotted!

Kay said...

That is a very powerful looking fountain. How sad about Lider. I'm sure it was kinder to help him pass on since he was in such pain.