Sunday, October 6, 2013

Noise maker


Yeah, so the local country club (the 3 pools  post) had a healthy living happening on Friday.
Venders set up booths to explain and hopefully sell everything from Speedo bathing suits to health food lines.

But what caught my attention poolside was this ATV.
Meitar's neighbor, Kibbutz Kramim, apparently has a company called Tslil Noded that offers guided off-road tours on these  Terracross 2-person  buggies.
Anything from a 1.5 hour tour of the kibbutz and the surrounding forests to a 2-day adventure in the Negev desert.

You might be surprised at the other activities the tourism department offers!

I might have to go check out that kibbutz myself.
So far,  all I can see of them from the entrance road of Meitar is Kramim's huge solar field off in the distance.
Enlarge the photo with two separate clicks  and see the many ground-mounted  solar panels.


Sara said...

There seem to be promises of interesting local explorations coming soon!

Kay said...

Well, you know how happy Art always feels about people using alternate energy.

Glad to know there will be many things for the grandkids to enjoy.

Adullamite said...

Love a tour in the noise maker!

crystal said...

Wow, I had no idea people stayed at kibbutzes on vacations, I thought they were sort of closed communities. Paintball :)

Leif Hagen said...

Did you take it for a spin, dear Dina?!
Remember me?
Regards from EAGAN daily photo

Reader Wil said...

Solar panels are the best invention of the last century. I have solar panels and I am happy that all the electricity I use, originates from it.

VP said...

You named that thing right and I do not like noisy things...

Karl Demetz said...

Would be fun to take a tour with this ATV :)