Friday, October 11, 2013

The kids have landed!

The family has landed!
After two long long flights from Australia they drove into Meitar at 1:30 a.m. on Sunday.
But in these first few days my grandkids have already  done the most important things:

(Photo by Naomi, Libby's mom/my daughter)

Libby did the quintessential Israeli thing: she ate a Krembo.

Krembo  has its own entry in Wikipedia which says "Krembos have achieved the status of a pop-cultural item and a national icon."

Also says this (believe it or not!):
Under Jewish law (Halacha), there is some significance to the order in which one eats a Krembo. The blessing over the biscuit is boreh miney mezonot, whereas the blessing over the cream and chocolate is shehakol nihiyya bidvaro. According to halacha, when eating a dish of mixed components, one need pronounce only the blessing over the main components, thus for a chocolate croissant one would say the blessing over the dough, and skip the blessing over the chocolate. But in the case of the Krembo, there is no consensus as to which is the "main" component: the biscuit, or the cream and chocolate. One solution is to bless over each component separately.

Eyal bought a school uniform shirt for Psagot School and  started  where everything was new to him--the classmates, the teachers, the place, the language.
His favorite class the first day was English.
(The kids know some Hebrew from home but they will learn a lot more living in Israel.) 
Eyal was a pretty brave boy. 

Ten-year-old Dean found the trampoline at the house the family is renting for their six-month stay in Israel.
How they had so much energy instead of jet lag I'll never understand.


Spiderdama said...

Hehe, kids:-) So cute they are.
I may try that Krembo next time.
Have a good time with your family Dina! Hugs from north

Sara said...

They are beautiful as well as brave. They will be speaking Hebrew like natives in no time at all. Yum, I'd love a Krembo; it sure looks delicious.

Jael said...

Your grandkids are so cute and you must be so happy they are here for a long time this time:)

Kay said...

I see so much of Naomi in these beautiful faces. That Krembo is really making me hungry! Yummmm!

Nadege said...

You are going to discover and learn so much through your grandchildren (and vice versa of course). Enjoy your family!

Petrea Burchard said...

I'm glad they're in Meitar, and I know you are, too.

Hels said...

Grandchildren should always live in the same town as their grandparents. If it isn't the law yet, it should become the law soon!

Enjoy every single moment of their months in Meitar!!! Take truckloads of photos of them doing Israeli stuff, so they can take their memories back home with them.

VP said...

I am so happy for you!

Karl Demetz said...

Your grandkids are really cute, Libby looks like a young little Dina :)
I didn't know Krembos, they must be delicious!

Hilda said...

I think I would have gone for the Krembo myself—sounds yummy.

I'm just so happy for you!