Friday, October 4, 2013

Pools in the desert


Just in case you were feeling sorry for me living down here in the hot dry Negev desert, I'll show you the wet part of Meitar's country club. 

And here in the foreground is the kiddie pool.
Oh, and there's a big indoor swimming pool as well.

Today they hosted a Healthy Living Happening at this sport center so I was able to get in free and see the pools for the first time.

The blue sky and the blue pools and the greenery all around were certainly tempting, but I doubt if I'll allow myself to splurge and spend several thousand shekels for a year's entrance.
But it's nice to know that such luxury exists just ten minutes walk from home. 
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Hels said...

In a very hot climate, a pool is a necessity and not really a luxury. But what happens if the entrance fee is too high for ordinary families?

Janice Adcock said...

Nice to have a chance to see these places for free!

Dina said...

Janice, shalom. I agree!

Hels, it seems not to be a problem here in Meitar where both parents have good jobs to pay for such things.

This is Belgium said...

reassuring !
have a lovely weekend

VP said...

I wouldn't ever have imagined a place like this in the Negev!

Kay said...

That's the biggest kiddie pool I've ever seen. I'm glad the grandkids will have a place to cool off.

Karl Demetz said...

This is an interesting surprise, Dina!
Also the swimming pools here are relatively expensive, but everybody can afford it, at least from time to time.

Birdman said...

Strange sights everywhere.

Suzanne said...

Refreshing and beautiful. Streams in the desert, yes.

Phil Schiff said...

This lush scene reminds me of the Beersheba River Park, which promises to be a Garden of Eden (but much more affordable than a country club). I am intrigued by JNF's plans to recycle waste water, creating a year-round river and large, artificial lake. Occasional updates on this amazing project would be most appreciated!