Friday, January 24, 2014

Green fields


The northern Negev, or Mediterranean zone, has fairly fertile soils and receives (in a normal winter) 300 mm of rain.

That 12 inches of rain is enough to grow some field crops.

You can even find some patchwork fields near Meitar.
(Click a few times to enlarge the fields.)


Adullamite said...

I hope you get some rain, those fields will look great when crops grow!

William Kendall said...

These field shots look very peaceful, Dina. Lovely images!

Karl Demetz said...

Green is a beautiful color for fields!
Nice pictures for the weekend, Dina.

VP said...

Not really the kind of soil I imagined for the Negev!

Dina said...

Friends, I should have added that these were the only fields we saw in three hours of hiking north from Meitar along or near the Israel Trail. Some kibbutzim (Kramim, Lahav, and one other) cooperate on tending these planted fields, the guide said.

We are way short of rain this winter.

VP, apparently the narrow strip north of Beersheva, up to the Green Line, is the slightly fertile northern Negev (less arid than the rest of the Negev).
But I'm still learning about my new surroundings.

Eki said...

What a lovely view!

Kay said...

Do you know what kind of crops are being farmed?