Saturday, January 25, 2014

Safe home for butterflies


In Hebrew a butterfly is a parpar.
The Negev Zoo has a lovely parparia, an enclosure in which free butterflies and people can freely interact.

Just outside the tent is the "nursery."
Inside all those white hanging bags the final stages of metamorphosis are happening.

Here's a cocoon (or is it called a chrysalis?)

Nice signboards all around teach about the life of a butterfly.

You are not allowed to catch the butterflies, but if one alights on you, that's fine.
Here Dean was trying to coax one to step onto his hand.
The nice thing (that I read about on the zoo's website) in that much of the work caring for the butterflies and their plants and the grounds is done every day by members of the Ami organization.
Agudat Ami helps mentally handicapped young adults get established in the community.
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eileeninmd said...

Great to have a safe home for the butterflies. Nice post, thanks for sharing. Happy weekend!

Birdman said...

I thought 'butterflies were free'? hahahaha

Dina said...

Eileen shalom. Thanks!

Birdman, oh, I see your point. I guess I meant "free" to fly around and mate and have plenty of flowers, as opposed to being behind glass (or even worse, UNDER glass). See

VP said...

A butterfly bench!

Christian Weiß said...

Wow, a great place, that butterfly grardens ahve a own beautiful atmosphere.

Adullamite said...

Super place!

Eki said...

This is a wonderful place to spend time. What kind of butterflies are raised here? Are there any from Indonesia?

Hels said...

I have never been to a parparia.. cool idea.

crystal said...

What a neat place :) I've been to one like that too at the San Diego Zoo.

Dina said...

Eki, I don't know what kind. Next visit, I will try to find out.

William Kendall said...

What a lovely setting! We have something similar to that on our campus.

Kay said...

I've always loved watching butterflies. What a fun place to share with your beautiful grandchildren, Dina. You are still teaching.